TZELAN for Cooper & Graham embodies an unparalleled sensitivity to ephemera to define 21st century opulence. Designed for the modern savant who values the preservation of art, craft, and heritage. Tzelan strives to make all moments unassuming yet memorable by bringing together the traditional and the contemporary to cultivate a life lived through the senses.

about TZELAN

Tzelan is a lifestyle consultancy with roots in hospitality and design based in Hudson Square, New York. Tzelan works with award-winning designers, artisans, developers, and hospitality groups to create purposeful and enduring brands, whether heritage or new, as well as tangible, crafted products and everyday objects that celebrate life’s ritual pleasures.

TAMMY CHOU is the inspiration and owner of Tzelan, who co-founded globally-renowned design studio tonychi with husband, Tony Chi. Boasting decades of experience managing hospitality and design projects, Chou has expanded and elevated the reputation and clientele of tonychi studio’s portfolio and projects. She is a notable tastemaker and arts enthusiast who resides in New York City.